Hoops and videos

Cheryl Paul

There is a 140 X 180 hoop (approx. 5X 7”) named the RE18, but it has been around for about 4 - 5 years. You can order it from your Janome Dealer - the cost is somewhere around $150 - 200 Canadian. It is an “extra” as there are only 5 hoops that come with the 15000 and they are the 40 X 100 (I think - it’s the wee one), the SQ14, the SQ23, ASQ22 and the GR (230 X 300) I’m using the metric measurements to describe as those are the “exact” measurements and the US is approximate when you see it in writing. There is also a hat hoop - HH10 (100X90) - I don’t have this one and it might be an insert to one of the others that we have with our machine, but I don’t know that for sure.

There are quite a few YouTube videos on the Janome Channel, and of course Jim and Diane’s My 15000 APP which is worth its weight in gold and worth the purchase from the Apple iTunes App Store, as well as their “Footbook”. Also some sewing stores have put YouTube videos up and they can be informative and might even be in your neighbourhood, to shop for more fabric - Did I say MORE FABRIC? I need to use up what I have, but I can look.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

Lyn Quine

I have 2 RE18 hoops, bought to make hooping and changing over quicker.  There is the round hoop can’t remember the name but it takes a lot more stabiliser than the RE18 and I’ve never really got on with it.  Who ever designed it didn’t think about the amount of stabiliser and fabric needed to hoop securely.  It’s very wasteful in my opinion.  But the RE18 also had magnet clips which are very good.  It is the hoop I probably use most on both my 12000 and 15000.  I got mine through the J shop on the Janome UK website.  Perhaps if there’s a Janome NZ you could get one from the or Janome AU.