Hoop attachment


I am trying to attach the F10 hoop to my 15000 for the first time. It seats into the hole just fine but the locking knob will not turn. All the other hoops work just fine. Is there a secret to this hoop or is there something wrong with it? 


Lyn Quine

Sometimes I’ve found that if the hoop isn’t straight and aligned the turn screw won’t turn, it’s a lon arm , try moving the hoop slightly to the right with it still inserted into the arm, and see if it will turn, if not try moving to the left etc.  If it still doesn’t work not sure what is wrong.


I had the same problem and took it to the shop.  The dealer put it on his machine and said he had to use some pressure to get it on but it then went on and off easy and works easy on my machine too. I was afraid to force it but he did and it worked.
Betsy in CA