Help with 1200O.

peggy barrett

i have been having a problem with my 12000.  I keep getting a msg when
sewing to ck if I have the proper foot.  This has happened before and I thought it was fixed.  My friend and I bought our machines at the same time and we are both having this problem.  Peggy

Jim Stutsman

The 12000 embroidery foot does not actually contact the plate, like other feet do. There is a sensor that detects this, but over time and use it can drift out of alignment a bit. I suspect that they adjust them at the factory on the very edge of tripping, so it doesn't take much for it to get off. It may also be due to a bind in the mechanism. The 11000 had a lot of issues with foot sensor due to the knee lift causing a slight bind in the sensor. It took me several repairs to figure out that the problem was not where the service manual said it was. Unfortunately this will require dealer intervention to fix.


When I had my 12000 and got that message, I would be sure the sewing plate is seated correctly. Take it off and then back on and be sure to push down so the corner with the sensor is pushed all the way down. Easy to think you've got the plate in correctly and maybe you do but worth checking. Be sure the sensor is also clean of fuzz by cleaning with the lint brush you got with the machine...gently.  I believe the plate sensor on the 12000 was in the upper right hand corner.