Help Please

Sara Jane

Hi Jim, yes I am still around ;).  Suddenly my .jef files have the E symbol (file explore) on them instead H for Hatch.  It is also on the .sew files (yes I have a few of them lurking around ;) ) but it is not on any of the other machine files.  First, is it possible to change it back and secondly would you show me how?  I have no clue as to how they got there.  
Hope all is well with you and Diane....Sara      Thank you, Jim

Jim Stutsman

This problem happens over and over because every Windows allows every program installed to set itself as the default to open for files of certain types. It's also perilously easy to do this by accident by simply checking a box when opening a file. This may help you get it fixed:

If that doesn't do it, and this happened after installing a program recently that works with JEF files, contact support for that program.