HELP MBX won't open


When I try to open Janome Digitizer MBX Ver 4 I get the following message:


“This file appears to be damaged. Attempt will be made to salvage the stitches.”


What should I do? I still have the original CD. Should I try to use it to reinstall the program?


What other options do I have?


Thanks, Linda


Try using the steps outlined in Revert.pdf which I have just uploaded to the Files section.

maggie cooper

Jim and Linda, an additional way to fix problems with MBX V4 is to re run the last program update, it will fix any damaged scripts.  Which version of V4 do you have, it is important to keep an eye open for updates currently the latest version is V4.0V, and can be found at
download it and install it, DO NOT uninstall MBX, the update installs and repairs, however it can't repair corrupt designs so use the Purge and Revert function to get rid of the rogue design, then hang on to the update file as insurance. 
Because MBX also has a very limited version of Corel attached to it, uninstalling MBX will break the bridge between the two programs and any attempt to reinstall from the DVD will result in failure as the bridge script still exists in your computer. So I'll repeat DO NOT UNINSTALL MBX V4 .
Maggie Cooper UK