HELP! 550e


I've had this machine for almost 2 weeks. Can't do a thing with it. Lesson a week away yet. Book, help window and online videos worthless. I'm not interest in digitizing just the Artistic & machine basics. Until I get Windows 10 on my computer I'm held a prisoner. Editor doesn't work in XP or on a mac.

1) How do I know if usb stick is loading? Nothing shows up on screen.
2) How do I take the usb stick out of the machine?
3) Is the 550e usb 2.0 or 3.0. Need new jump drives.
4) After I set the design how I want it (hoop size, etc) and save the file when pulled back up again it is pictured in the smallest hoop. Why?
5) How do I convert say a pes file to a jef file. Cannot find any info on converting.

And last but not least (for now) why is Artistic made for both mac & pc yet Editor, Acustitch, & Acufil only works in window. I got all the anniversary free software with my machine and only Artistic works on a mac. Rest of software need Windows. Why make compatible software not compatible when running Artistic on a mac. Until I can afford to buy windows 10 and pay someone to install it on my mac I'm stuck in limbo. I miss my Embird and basically only need Artistic for direct connection and then in time, learning some parts of the program. Did same thing with Customizer.

Thanks for letting me vent and I would appreciate any and all help answering my questions so I can at least get started embroidering and writing a list of questions for my lesson.


Jim Stutsman

The fastest, easiest way to get started using a Mac is to get StitchBuddy. It's not expensive, is well supported online, and you'll continue using it even after you get Windows installed.

To address your questions:
1) Normally the only "Loading" indicator is a very brief display of icons indicating "Do not remove" and "Do not turn off".
2) Grasp it firmly and pull. No special procedure is needed. As long as the above icons are not showing you can unplug it.
3) It doesn't matter. The machine could be USB 1, but both USB 2 & 3 drives will work. Get what's cheapest.
4) Janome embeds the hoop size in the design. If you just open a design, you'll get that hoop. You need to use EDIT mode to set the hoop, then add the design. See pages 33-43 of the manual.
5) StitchBuddy will convert PES and many other formats to JEF.

Ann Jones

Good morning 

Some other steps to add to Jim's.

Put your blank USB into the 550, switch on and the machine adds the correct EMB folder to the USB. Files need to be in this for the 550e to read correctly.

I use a Mac and buy and  download chosen designs in JEF format from well regarded sites. These I load from my Mac onto my formatted USB and plug into the machine. The machine selects the hoop according to the design size. This can be changed by selecting EDIT on the machine screen. If design cannot use  your own selected hoop it remains greyed out. 
Also in EDIT is a slection to reduce/ enlarge deign up to 20%.

I have Stitch Buddy for the reasons Jim stated. Can buy a design bigger than  largest hoop and resize it too.

A USB does not have to be 2G either. The reason they suggest that size is the machine's computer is slow and reads and loads all files on the USB. I store my files on my MAC- and because I can- also on a dedicated  only for sewing designs, Windows laptop , then, because they are cheap (and can fail) have individual designs on multi USBs all labelled for quick convenience. I keep the usb connector attached to my machine and plug into that. There is a caveat though as need to directly plug your USB into the 550 to save files from machine back to the USB. 

Chatterbox Quilts has good information re You Tube.
 Woodrow Handcrafts also You Tube  has a good lesson in uing the inbuilt designs and using EDIT.  
There are more but is experience in finding the gems among the many.

Not by any means last,  I found a glass of my favorite tipple a great alternative when my brain seizes at all the new information required.



Thanks for the tips, ideas, and suggestions everyone. I will check them out.  I'll post again after I give them a shot.



Thanks! Was able to stitch something out. One problem was it kept knotting up on top and bottom where the thread color changes were.  Second problem was my thread spools are too long making it difficult for thread to stay on thread spool. My 5 spool verticle thread stand (bought for 10000 hooks on the handle) doesn't fit the 550e. The handle is too thick.