free arm embroidery hoop question


My free arm hoop is also "warped", if warped means not being flush with the sewing machine surface. As many people have posted that they have this warped hoop, I was curious to know if maybe it was designed that way for some reason? Does anyone have a hoop that is flush, like the other included hoops? The hoop is equal distance away from the surface (I'm pretty sure!), so the hoop per se isn't warped...the whole thing is just slanted up.


At my last 12000 class, one owner used her free-arm hoop and it was not warped.  It was flat against the bed and sewed just fine with no flopping like mine does.  The only thing I can think of is that if the item being embroidered is meant to g0 under the free arm, that would then secure it in place, but that seems a bit doubtful.  However, Jim mentioned in another message that he thinks the hoop is probably warped.