Follow up : throwing the machine out the window..??!!!

Kathy Strabel

Janome Group: Greetings--again.  I was the one that started the thread that grew into a very informative  journey. My problem was what Jim referred to as the "bouncing bobbin". Many people chimed in offering suggestions or just comments and some even said they had the same problem. One person even said she dealt with it by just hating her machine and getting rid of it! Too drastic for me!   So, several weeks later, the problem has not been resolved. I took my machine back to the repair shop yesterday.They do guarantee their labor for 1 year, so that is a good thing.  It's just very frustrating to have to keep going back for the same thing.  It may be at the shop for a couple of weeks, so when I get it back, I will post and let others know if  the third try is the charm and it gets fixed correctly. It may take a while, a few weeks after getting it back.....that seems to be the pattern-- "fix" it, works fine for a few weeks, then it goes bonkers again. I will say that I have decided to not use generic pre-wound bobbins anymore. Not even Janome pre-wounds. I bought a bunch of the empty pink Janome bobbins with the J molded into the central shaft of the bobbins.  Now I will know if it is on a pink bobbin, it is bobbin thread only for my Janome. I also bought a spool of Janome brand bobbin thread, to wind my own.  We'll see if this new investment pays off.   I only hope my machine is ready to pick up before we head into another lockdown!!!!
Happy sewing and embroidering to you all. Stay tuned.....
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA USA