First Impressions

Donna Morton

Hi Everyone
To answer Tina’s Questions:
Yes, the designs read faster from the USB stick.  The new HorizonLink software that comes with the machine sends designs to the machine in a flash!
The thread stand from the 11000 is not a good fit although I am using mine until the new ones arrive.  It will fit on the screws at the back but the thread clip does not fit in the extra spool pin holder on the top of the machine.
My machine arrived just this past Tuesday afternoon and I have used the embroidery unit all day yesterday and today – even while watching Trevor’s Digitizer webinar today.  I really like that the 1 stitch stop now works for all embroidery designs.  On the 11000 the one stitch stop only worked with designs placed in one of the acufil hoops.  The basting is finally run by the stop/start button and stops immediately if you need it too. 
I’ve just started stitching a design that I purchased sometime ago from Embroidery Library called Sleepy Hollow.  It is a large design and I did split it for stitching out in smaller hoops but never got around to actually doing a stitch out.  So glad I didn’t.  It fits perfectly in the big 230 by 300 hoop!   I did have to split it by colour and save in 2 files because of the stitch count as the HorizonLink software reported that the design was over 100,000 stitches.  I hope they make a change to this software to automatically split a design into two sections like they did for our old Customizer software at one point.
It is great that the support table can stay in place during embroidery!  Ingenious design.  Will help with heavy or large items as well as keeping these larger hoops level during a stitch out. 
The sensor foot system is wonderful!  While Janome has provided a newly designed ergonomic knee lift (it really does work), when in embroidery all you have to do is press Start.  The foot lowers itself!
The design is currently stitching at top speed – 1000 stitches per minute.  So quiet in comparison to previous models.  No thread breaks at all over the 2 days I used the machine.  The thread cutter is whisper quiet – you don’t even realize that the thread is being trimmed.
The new bobbin thread that comes with the machine is nice and fine and the bobbin winder does an excellent job of winding the bobbin.  I do not miss the bobbin winder on the 11000.
I do miss the needle threader!  I never really had any problems with the needle threader on my 10000 or my 11000 but I know it what a good thing to switch back to a manual system as many did have nothing but problems.
I could go on and on but I must get ready for a class I’m teaching tomorrow.  For those who do not know me, I’m a retired home economics teacher and now I teach at in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.  Some of you may have seen the designs I digitized with Digitizer MB in Quiltmakers’ Quilt and Embroidery special editions last spring and last fall.  I’m a long time Janome fan and way back when the MC10000 was in its heyday I even created a quilt for Janome Digest showcasing how to use the gigahoop.  Back in those days I relied heavily on Jim’s expertise with computers to help me out and it was great to chat with Jim and Diane at Janome Institute this September. 
Bye for now.

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Hi,my name is Tina, I live in New Zealand and have ordered the 12000, we are having a demonstration on the 12000 on the 2nd November, and our machines don't arrive till sometime in December, I have a question for those of you who already have the machine, does it read the usb stick faster than the 11000 does? also will the thread stand from 11000 fit the 12000, Thanks,Tina.