Favorite Stitch Adjustment

Cynthia Dickerson

I just cannot get this to work.  It is turned on and I am trying to save my adjustments for #18 the Wobble stitch for knits.  I I put in my changes and hit the favorite key.  Another window opens and it is suppose to say Save fav. Setting.  Mine says Read favorite Setting and there are no stitches present.  It totally skips the Save fav. setting box.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?  Only thing I can figure out is maybe it is selective on which stitches you can adjust?   Is this possible?  Thank you for any help!

Mary Mills

Sew the stitch a bit before you set it up, that way it knows which stitch you want.  Regards, Mary 

Cynthia Dickerson

It is just unbelieveable what you can accomplish at 2:30am in the morning.  I took a minute because I thought as I was laying in bed that I wondered if I saved the screen with no new changes?  Does it have a delete button?  Well yes it does.  I hit the delete button tried it again and all of my new settings were there!!  What a great morning this has started out being.  Maybe I will buy a lottery ticket!!

Cynthia Dickerson

Thank you so much Mary!!


This is how to save a Favorite Stitch (FS)
Select the stitch
open the adjust Screen
make the changes
select the button with the black arrow pointing down into a folder
Screen opens
you can save it as either FS1 or FS2
choose one of them
the screen goes back to the adjust screen and now you’ll notice that the stitch settings are pale yellow where you made the changes
you don’t need to sew it for the settings to set
next time you select the stitch it will open with the FS adjustments 
If you want it to temporarily go back to the original Default settings, just select the DFT button and it will, and it won’t delete your FS.
To delete the FS:
open the adjust screen 
touch the trash can 
screen opens for the FS1 and FS2
select the one you want to trash, it trashes the settings and goes back to stitch in its default size.

Cynthia Dickerson

Thank you so much for your help!  I did not realize that it had a delete key and I must have saved something and did not change any of the settings.  So I already must have had something locked in there.  Once I hit the delete all of my new settings showed up!