Embroidery unit inoperative

Carole O'Mara

I have been embroidering a quilt--edge 2 edge.  When I turned on my 15000QM I got a message on the screen:  "PLEASE REMOVE HOOP.  KEEP HANDS CLEAR.  CARRIAGE WILL NOW MOVE TO HOME POSITION".  Another message said to raise the presser bar.  It and the needle were already in the top position. The carriage arm did not return to the home position.  I recycle everything and attempted to start my embroidery again.  The carriage arm extends, moves to the center of the deisgn.  When stitching begins the carriage does not move with the design, just makes very small stitches.  Checking the part that the hoop attaches to I find is loose--it has no tension and can be moved back and forth manually.   I had the machine serviced 2 weeks ago, had no servicing problems with it, just brought it in for routine cleaning.  The tech said he found all to be in working order.   Any ideas what is wrong?
Thank you,

Jim Stutsman

You didn't mention any noises while the machine is trying to return to home position, so it sounds like the machine is having trouble communicating with the embroidery unit. Turn the machine OFF. Gently, but firmly, push the hoop holder on the arm back to the home position. When it's all the way back you can close the arm. Remove the carriage and turn on the machine. If it comes up OK, turn it off and reattach the carriage. Turn it on again and see what happens. If you get an error in either case, it's time for dealer intervention.