embroidery on S9

Toni Valenstein

Yesterday I began to to embroider on a towel.  I used a good stabilizer backing, and dissolvable plastic on top.  Changed the plate and the bobbin to the embroidery ones.  Used the prewound Janome bobbin.  Began my embroidery and the tension was pulling all the bobbin thread to the top.  I changed the bobbin thread to my regular bobbin.  Same issue.  After fooling around, I got the best results by using the there reg. sewing bobbin case and my own bobbin!

Kathleen Bertoglio

I have a friend that owns the Janome 15000 and would like to join our group. How does she join?

It's really easy. Just go here:
Look at the bottom of the page for links, or use those in the sidebar.