Embroidery Feature I Love

Sherry Martin

For the 1st time today, I got to do some embroidery on my new machine. One of my favorite things to do is embroidery applique and I found a feature that I LOVE. When you press the icon that looks like a hoop in the embroidery mode, it will bring the hoop towards you so you can use a mini-iron to press down applique pieces, and also so you can trim pieces after they have been sewn with the anchor stitches. On my machine before I always had to take the whole hoop off of the machine press and/or trim and put the hoop back on sometimes many times even the applique had a lot of pieces.

Also when I 1st started I didn't put in the straight stitch plate or change the bobbin holder(since I was using Janome bobbin thread) and a lot of the white bobbin thread was showing on the top. I changed to the straight stitch plate, changed the bobbin holder, and lowered the speed from 1000 to 800 and absolutely no thread showed thru even on dark colors. Don't know if I really needed to lower the speed but it was going so fast I couldn't tell what the stitches looked like as it went along which was bothering me a little.

One thing I don't like is how much fabric it seems like you have to waste when using the 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 hoop because of the oblong design. However since I was doing fairly small squares to become part of a larger quilted wall hanging, I hooped some sticky stabilizer and pressed the squares of fabric on it instead of hooping the fabric, and then I just kept pulling off my squares when I finished and put just enough sticky stabilizer to cover the hole from pulling the squares off. I could do a lot of squares without needing to hoop any more stabilizer.