Definition of a good dealer

Deb K.

I have a good dealer they do good work and are reputable and respected BUT that's not all I mean. They are good SALESPEOPLE. I had my 15000 in for service last week. While I was there the fellow in sales insisted on giving me a full M7 demo. Admittedly the machine was very nice so sturdy and the best part WIDE OPEN SPACES and so well lit. I do make purses and sew leather so that brut force was appealing as I sometimes worry with my "dear 15000". The problem was no embroidery, although that is not my main focus, I am a quilter, piecing, applique and collage quilts but I know the minute I don't have embroidery function I'll want it. The price they were offering me was with trade-in on my "dear 15000" I just couldn't step up to price AND lose my machine at the same time. Fast forward to last Friday the dealer had a floor model sale! The fellow says he called me first; He saw me coming I guess. The offer was too good - more than $2000 less than the first offer and I KEEP MY 15000. So I am the proud owner of an M7 it was used once for a ruler work class it came perfectly nestled in the box all accessories etc and a 3 yr extra service + parts warranty thrown in. I love it. My space it a little tight but it was so fun yesterday to embroider a design on the 15000 while sewing on the M7 I felt like a queen. Now all that has to happen is Jim and Diane need to get an M7 so he becomes the same SME that he is for 15000. I can't seem to do the minor update that takes the M7 from ver 1.00 to 1.11 I have done updates to the 15k and I'm following directions but ERROR message each time I try. I can go to that great dealer sure but I probably wait. I'd like to figure this one out what do you think?

Jim Stutsman

A couple of things to try with your update:

Try deleting EVERYTHING from the USB flash drive before you start. I know that Janome updates always say they are deleting everything, but they don't always. Spurious files on the USB drive may cause issues like this.

Try using a different flash drive, perhaps smaller than the one you are using. The update program in these machines is very small by design, and may not be able to handle very large drives.

Cheryl Paul


First of all Congratulations on your new M7 - I have the same combo you have plus a Skyline S9. My sewing room still has room for a few more, but I think I’ll stop so that I can move and have 2 or 3 friends come to have a sew-in with me.

The update is not difficult - basically the same as all the other updates have been in the past on Janome machines - you do need a clean Usb though, that doesn’t have ANY files on it - so I formatted mine in the computer - NOT the sewing machine. Download all the directions and there are about 3 different ones to look at and read them all - boring reading, but I found that it did help. Where my difficulty came was after I’d downloaded and transferred everything that was required to the USB was HOW did I do the update on the sewing machine - I had somehow missed the page in the instructions that told us which buttons to hold down on the sewing machine as we turned it on to blank the screen so that things could happen - DUH! I called my dealer for help, to find out that the lady she assigned to update the store’s machine wasn’t there as she didn’t know “how”, “Could I wait until tomorrow, when she’d be back to work?” Of course, I said “Yes”, and then went back to all my instructions and found that the 2 buttons that needed pushing were the “Lock stitch and Up/Down”. So within minutes I had the process working - I went and had my supper and when I was done, everything was “finished” and my screen was blue as it should be.

You’ve obviously downloaded and un-zipped the files, so I suggest that you format your USB or use a different one, and do the transfer to the USB and try again. That machine is way to heavy and big to need to take in for the dealer to do what you are capable of doing yourself.

Let us know know you make out.

Cheryl - Saskatoon