hi Jim-
We’re having a problem with the iPad not finding the machine and janome suggested using D-link. Is there a procedure for setting up anything so the machine can use the iPad wirelessly?  Also upgrading the 15000 to the quilt maker, the deale4 took the throatplate that has the 3 holes saying that the upgrade says it’s not needed anymore-this means that to embroider you have to use the plate that has the 9mm opening because the HP plate causes an error message.  Am I correct in thinking that we don’t need a single opening plate for support?  


Your dealer should NOT have taken that plate. You would still use it for embroidery, or applications where you want a single hole on the right. Ask for it back!

There's nothing magic about D-Link. If anything, it's not as good as Netgear. Make sure the machine is set up to use DHCP. Then make sure that the IP address of the machine has the same first 3 numbers as the IP address of the iPad. (Tap the circled letter "i" on the iPad Wireless option to see the IP.) Some routers support two networks: one for internal, home use and one for guests. The iPad and the machine must be on the same network. Also be aware that neighboring WiFi can create interference. As I sit in my office there are 11 other WiFi networks I could connect to if I had the password. That's how crowded it is here in our little neighborhood. WiFi signals can be tricky to get working. They go through wood and plaster, although that does reduce the signal strength, but metal can be a real problem. Get your router as high as possible for best coverage. The machine's WiFi is fairly weak, and everything needs to be near perfect for it to work reliably. If you are considering new networking gear, look at Eero. They make products that will give much better coverage in a house, even with multiple floors and walls.