Customizer 10000


Uninstalled Customizer 10000 in computer because I did not need it until windows 10. Wrong! A friend needed it for some designs. When I reinstalled it in to XP (with the last known Customizer update) it sends direct to sewing machine via PC link. What is does not do is the ATA card. Will not read any of the scan cards. Worked fine until the uninstall reinstall. The boxes on the right hand side of the screen are blank. No folders show up and drop down arrow under the words ATA card is empty. The designs show up on let hand side of screen. The folders do show up in the 10000. I know because I renamed one. Can anyone help me with this?  And for the last note: will Customizer work in windows 10? If not my, friend will only be able to use designs she already has and I won't be able to embroider on my 10000.