BX font?

Joyce Daniel

Is there a software that can change a font’s format to BX?

I am loving Embrilliance as it is so much easier to do wording than importing one letter at a time. I have lots of other fonts but most do not have the BX format.



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BX is a native format created by a professional level of software. You cannot create it yourself unless you have the software.
Even if you have the professional Embrilliance software you cannot accurately save a stitch file font as a native file. Why?
Because a native font is the original design, think of it as the recipe encoded into the design contains all the information about the objects in it.
If you save a stitch file as a native file it's not a true native file.
(Maybe that's more information than you asked for!)

Nyssa Lanzafame

i think it is the only component i do not have...but look into Embrilliance's Alphatricks, I think it may do what you are looking for.


I just watched a video about Alphatricks, and it looks like a neat program. They have a feature to import a font to make it into embroidery, but I didn't get the sense that it's a true BX font.
It did say in the video that this imported font doesn't have all the properties of a built in font in the program but can be edited like the built in fonts.
I don't have that software so I can't be certain of exactly how those differ, maybe someone else can expand on this.