Bobbin Winding issues on 10000 & 550e


My 10000 bobbin winding is similar to Kathy Strabel's issues except mine goes a few steps further. When winding the bobbin the needle bar goes up & down (really fast) the whole time it is winding. While it is winding, the machine is squealing loud and its kind of scary. Then, sometimes the bobbin does not stop winding when it is full. Had my repair person take a look at it. The only solution she could come up with is to replace the bobbing winder or the other possibility is that my circuit board could be going out.

Winding bobbins on the 550e is on the squishy side when done.  Tried double winding the thread around the tension disk but that did not work. Had to much of a pull & drag effect when winding.

Any and all help would be appreciated.



Jim Stutsman

Different symptoms, but the same problem. The bobbin winder clutch is sticking, which causes the needle to operate at full speed, and as it slips a bit, a squeal is generated. This has NOTHING WHATEVER to do with circuit boards. It's purely mechanical. To fix it she should pull off the hand wheel (It just snaps on) and disassemble the clutch, taking photos in the process to easy reassembly. Clean and lubricate as needed, then reassemble. That may or may not fix the failure of the winder to stop, but it needs to be done.

Mushy bobbins are due to there not being proper tension in the thread going to the winder. This usually is due to debris building up around the tension spring. DO NOT try to adjust this by turning the screw visible through the hole in the top cover of the machine. That will not fix the problem, but it will create new ones. What needs to happen is that the top cover is removed so the screws holding that cover over the winding path can be removed. Once that cover is off the problem will be easy to fix.


Thanks Jim,

I'll email your response to my machine mechanic for a heads up on the solutions to my problems.

Thanks again & have a safe & happy holiday weekend.