Bobbin case jamming


machinexworked just fine yesterday!
 Turned it today with a message telling to remove needle and clean bobbin area! So I did!
set up design, started to sew and needle bent almost immediately! Changed needle, opened bobbin area to find bobbin case jammed! Roved carefully, put it back in correct position, same thing again plus giant wad of thread under
project, bobbin case out of place 2 more times!
Help please! Or should I just take it to dealer?
Not new to machines but this is my first Janome, 15000.
Had about 2 months, no problems like this ever. TY


It sounds like the bobbin case may not have been completely seated when you put it back. As soon as you started to sew it spun out past the stopper, leading to the jam. The jam was actually the hook stabbing into the case. If you look at the bottom of the bobbin case you will probably see a gouge where the hook hit it. That will catch the thread, which leads to the loops under the case. At this point your best option is to have your dealer look at it. You may need a new bobbin case as well. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Brenda Traughber Jerles <bjerles@...>

 Also always -if something is going on with the bobbin. You may already have done that but just in case!
Brenda <><

Brenda Traughber Jerles <bjerles@...>

  I meant to type always re-thread the machine. I don't know where that part of my typing went!
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