Bobbin bounces/rattles when stitching

Mary Kennedy Hense

Working on binding today and my needle broke. Changed it and all was fine. Went onto another project-simple quilt block and now the bobbin bounces and rattles when I stitch. I have re-threaded, changed bobbins, cleaned the bobbin area and it still bounces/rattles. What can I do to correct this issue?

Jim Stutsman

When the needle broke it probably went through the bobbin case. Take it out and examine it carefully for damage, especially on the bottom along the edge. If there is a burr it will cause every stitch to catch, which will make the bobbin bounce and rattle. While the case is out you should also check the metal piece the bobbin sits on, called the hook race. Use bright light and magnification to look for nicks, scratches, gouges, and pits. Any of those can cause the same problem. If the damage to the case is minor you may be able to buff it out with an emery board. If it’s severe you’ll need a new case. If the hook race is damaged you will need it serviced, maybe replaced.