Auto threader for Janome 11k special edition

Prudience Lewis

I know this has been addressed many times before, but I was not able to find any information on the Janome 11000 special edition concerning the threader.  All I would like to find out is what is the part so I can order it.  Most needle threaders are for the Janome 12000 and other Janome machines.  All of which use a different type of threader.  All I see is the needle threader plate available and this item does not look like the threader that would go on my machine.  Any information would help.  Can the threader be used like the Janome 12000 or other Janome threaders.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Prudience

Jim Stutsman

The part you need is item 15 in the photo. We used to order batches of them. However at some point they stopped sending the individual plates and instead sent parts 14 & 15 already assembled. That made changing easier, since you can just pop it off by pressing down on it. You still have to loosen the screw to line up the hook with the needle eye either way. If you do find the plate by itself you'll need to remove the screws. Before doing that, put a piece of fabric over the arm of the machine to avoid the screws taking a dive down into it. It's a tedious process, but with care and patience you'll manage it. You'll most likely need to find a sympathetic Janome dealer to order the parts, which are inexpensive. Part numbers are listed below the picture.

14  850631005 Threader holder
15  850508013 Threader plate