Apple Pencil

Cynthia Dickerson

I followed along on the Janome video yesterday where Janome has a new video available every weekday.  Just in case you are not aware of this, it is on on facebook every weekday at 3:00pm est. using all the different machines. She showed a project using the Apple Pencil with her i-pad.    This pencil is around $129.00 and I don't think I would use it enough to purchase it for this price.  Does anyone use a cheaper pencil that they are happy with it?  I found some for under $10.00 and some for around $30.00.   I would love to get one but for a cheaper price.  Thanks for any help!  Cindhy

Lyn Quine

The Apple pencils don’t work with all models, there’s at least 2 Apple pencils.   I bought the Libberrway stylus from Amazon which works well with my iPhone and iPad and iPad Pro, but the pencil I bought only works with my iPad Pro it doesn’t work with my iPhone 6S+ or my iPad Air 2.  The Liberrway was around £10 and is the same as the Janome stylus (not sure if they still sell it and it was never available in the UK) which was a lot more expensive.  For the £10 I got 2 stylus and interchangeable heads.  The stylus does work with the Janome apps including AcuSketch.

Mary Sanerkin


I bought a ‘cheaper’ pencil from Amazon.  I think it was around £46. One of the main problems (which I didn’t think of at the time) is they don’t allow you to rest or place your hand on the screen whilst sketching, this functionality is called ‘palm rejection’ and is important.    The nibs were a bit thick. Using it wasn’t a problem and charging was easy with a cable. It was’t very easy to use and the tips were a bit soft so they dragged across the screen.   I borrowed a few different pencils from friends to try out. After much testing I found the ipencil gave me the best results.  I was lucky and got one for my birthday and haven’t looked back.  It was easier to charge (I have an iPad Pro and my ipencil sits on the top of the iPad (No cables needed) and charges whilst it is sitting there.   So easy to use to sketch designs and update acudesign.  So whilst expensive, personally I think it was worth it.      Mary

Shirley Allen

Cynthia,  I use a pencil called Mixoo Stylus pen & it works for Ipad or phone.  It was reasonable like under20$.  I use it everyday with no problems.  Shirley

Cheryl Paul

I got a pencil/stylus from Janome from my Janome dealer - If I remember correctly it was under $20. and it works really well on the AcuSketch App.

Cheryl - Saskatoon