Another Ruler Foot Question


I attended a Janome/Westalee Ruler Workshop a couple of weeks ago.  I upgraded my 15000 v2 to the v3 Quiltmaker, so it is definitely a good go-to machine for this, but I also asked about a foot for my 6600P because it sits down in the table and would give me a more extensive smooth flat surface to work with.

The Janome Educator said that if I already had the convertible free motion set then I could buy the additional ruler attachment toe for it which would be a lot less expensive.  I have been trying to figure out the part number and found this one but when I look it up at Janome, it is not clear whether it is actually compatible with the spring part of the foot I have or not.  In looking at the Convertible Free Motion Set, there are three different versions (202001003, 202002004, and 202146001.  It is hard to tell if the toes are interchangeable.  I also looked at the 6600P accessories, but could not tell anything.  Probably it is not getting updated because of now being “retired”.  Do you know if the toes would be compatible between the different high shank/low shank versions?

For a chuckle...the person next to me was asking what the convertible free motion set was, so I pulled up the FootBook picture and used it to show the person.  She thought the app was cool.  The Educator seemed to appreciate it too.