another question

Joyce Daniel

Thanks for the bobbin help. Will ck out the Set Screen and pg 128 on the 12000 manual.


My 12000 has just started a blink, blink, blink screen while embroiderin,g with either a broken thread window (thread is not broken) or a bobbin plate window. I have turned it off, rethread, removed and replaced the plate, cleaned the bobbin area……anything else I can check as it won’t go forward more than a stitch or 2 before it starts again?

TIA!! Joyce

Cheryl Paul

Joyce, I think you might need to take your machine to your dealer. When things don’t sew continuously without needing intervention by you every few stitches, there might be a sensor that is faulty. The grief just isn’t worth the frustration that it causes you. I know it is easy for me to say, “Take it in to your dealer”, as mine is only 12 km - 20 minutes away. If you are some distance ask for an appointment, just in the event that you can have it fixed same day. That might not happen, but you can’t use it anyway, if it needs a part ordered. I do feel for you as I’d be lost if I went into my sewing room and the machine I want to sew on, didn’t perform well or at all for me. You definitely want to have it to do your Christmas sewing - that time will be here before we know it.

Cheryl - Saskatoon