AcuStitch Program Continued


Good Morning everyone from Sunny Saskatoon.

I want to give a SHOUT OUT to Faviola and a HUGE thank you, for all your patience with us in the group regarding the AcuStitch and Stitch Composer programs.

My Story on all of this:
I bought AucStitch - I can't remember when and didn't think much about it until the "update" was mentioned in a Janome Group, most likely by Anne Hein on the Artistic Digitizer or the Janome Sewing machine Group in Facebook.  Then I had some recollection that I had this program.  I'd installed it, looked at it - thought it was "useless" and had waisted my money - then forgot about it.  AcuSstitch and Artistic Digitizer Jr. (have the full version of AD) are included with my new Continental M17 (if it ever arrives from the east).  Now my attention was alerted that might just be something of interest and have some importance to me.  So, I updated the program, but probably not Stitch Composer as I haven't done anything more than play with that a few times after I got my 15000 nine years ago.

When many questions were asked about these programs that were on one CD, I decided to investigate what I had installed on my computer.  I did install both, but I didn't update both.  After reading all the posts I got curious what the problems were and discovered that I had the "same" problems because I didn't to the FULL update of both programs.  Once I realized all that was on that little CD, and did everything necessary, both are up and running just fine on my computer - now I need to learn them.

Again, thank you Faviola.  

Cheryl - Saskatoon


Oh that’s so kind of you, Cheryl, thanks so much. 
Now start playing, and have fun!