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I just watched the newest video about the AcuSetter App that Diane put together for us, and want to thank you for the very good tutorial on how to use it. I particularly liked the fact that she showed a completed stitch out to inspire the use of the AcuSetter App.
I wanted to comment on how I made my "stand" for my Ipad so that I get a good picture and the Ipad doesn't wobble. 
I have a piece of 1/4" plexiglass left over from when my husband made my sewing cabinet. It measures about 11" X 22". I open up one of the drawers on my sewing table just enough that I can balance one short end of the plexiglass on it and the other end of the plexiglass on the seat of my sewing chair. Coincidentally, both are 21" off the floor!  This holds my Ipad good and steady and I don't have to have any additional equipment in my small sewing room.
I love the creativity of Diane's boxes that will also do the trick, but just wanted to share what I do so that others can get their creative thinking caps on! 

Kris Tingley

I am new to acusetter and would like to watch the video you are talking about  Could you tell me how to view it.  Thanks for the help



All of our videos for the 15000 are available in our My 15000 app for iPhone and iPad. Once you have the app, all new videos appear in it automatically.

For anyone who is new to the app:
  • No, we don't do a version for Android, Mac, or Windows. If you don't have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, we don't have an app for you.
  • The current version supports iOS 9 and later, which means iPhone 5 or later, iPad 2 or later, Apple TV 4 or later.
  • The new version, due out soon, will support iOS 11 and later. We needed to do this to support the download function for viewing offline. Existing users will still be able to get updated videos, but will not have access to the new app functions.
  • If you have an iPhone and an iPad and/or Apple TV (4 or 4k), one purchase gets you the app on all devices.

Charlotte Fields

For a variety of health reason I haven’t used my 15000 since I upgraded it, just did embroidery on another machine. I opened your 15000 app yesterday and have really relearned a lot. Just wanted to thank you for a well thought out product that is helping me. Charlotte

Randi Kemper

I realized the app is on my iPhone and the updates came to it! What a blessing! Thanks Jim!
Randi Kemper
and the Cairn Terriers,Tessa and McIntosh

Randi Kemper
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