AcuDesign or Stitchbuddy HD?

Nyssa Lanzafame

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with both AcuDesign and Stitchbuddy HD?  

i have played with Acudesign one time, and was impressed with the ability in such a small package!!  the most impressive thing, though i have no idea how true it is, was that i was told that when decreasing design size it would actually remove stitches!!  Maybe Jim or someone can confirm this and explain the process?  I would imagine there are a couple of ways a program could do this--does it remove stitches when the size of the stitch itself is less than a certain value?  I know of a program that does this-it is still very limiting as when a design is made with say 2.5mm stitches and that limiting number is say set to 1.8mm, too many stitches disappear when you decrease the design size and the design is missing too many stitches...  so then maybe the ultimate would be if the program could combine like stitches, so if you decrease design size by 50% it would take two 2.5mm long stitches and make it into one stitch....anyways just wondering if anyone has an thoughts there.

Is stitchBuddy HD more like Acudesign or more like AcuEdit?  or is it somewhere in the middle.  I'm still not able to easily move files in and out of Acu Anything!!!  so there is that....