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Deb Keldrauk

I have ordered a new Dell Laptop and I want to be sure I get this right. This is the process I am planning for Horizon Link Suite, I won’t have an optical drive so from my networked drive I will copy and install my original Horizon Link application the one from my original disk provided by Janome, when that’s done I will run the installation exe that was sent to me after the upgrade was done on my machine last year. At that point I should have all of the Suite old and new on the new PC right?
Will I need to uninstall these from my old laptop that I plan to keep or can I leave them on both devices?
Thanks in advance,

Jim Stutsman

Your procedure should work, though getting Windows to access a CDROM on another computer might be tricky. I prefer to convert CDROMs to ISO as soon as I get them. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO 9660 is the published standard for the file system that Microsoft uses for CDROM and DVDROM. The software you need is free from this site:  It's one of many such utilities. Note that this web page is a forest of "free trial" and "sign up" downloads. The money from those is what makes it free. Click ONLY the large green DOWNLOAD button at the top of the page, nothing else! That will get you the program, which you double-click to install. Here are my suggested steps for the process:
  1. Download the utility as outlined above.
  2. Get a spare, smallish USB drive or buy one. 1GB is enough, but more is not a problem.
  3. Convert your original Horizon Link software CD to ISO using the utility. Save the created ISO on the USB from step 2.
  4. Copy your downloaded HL update file to the same USB drive.
  5. Insert the USB drive into your new computer.
  6. Double-click the ISO file. This is equivalent to inserting the CD in the computer. If it doesn't auto-start the installation click the "Setup" in the open ISO.
  7. Once installation finishes double click the update file (.exe).
  8. Done!

Keep the USB drive in case you ever need to reinstall HL in the future.

Deb Keldrauk

As always Jim you are such a wonderful educator. I am going to do this today that way I'll be all ready when the new laptop arrives. I had better learn how to do this unless I end up getting a USB optical drive I'll probably need it in the future. I remember the first time I got a PC with no floppy disk drive I was spooked, now look at things. With cloud services and streaming, I see a future with NO need for "physical" media. Maybe it will help save the planet.
Thanks again for the great info including the caveat about the danger of downloading the wrong files.
Bless you,