Windows 11 & Janome Digitizer


This "Thank You" is late but in no way means any less.
 I have been following the help subjects Jim and all of you wonderful ladies sent to me trying to help me. I have been busy trying to fix this including taking a lap top with windows 11 on it and taking it back to 10. No luck completely.  (still going to try) My brother left me his Acer laptop and my plan is to strip this clean and install windows 7 (which I just purchased) on it with the hope of installing the Janome Digitizer MBX 4.0 on it.  This is the windows recommended.  I then will install HLS  and keep this computer just for these two programs.  I still have the problem  with Hasp 0009.  Only time will tell. It would be a help if Janome would at least talk to (live) us and explain. Having a GREAT product is not the whole story - - -Service means almost as much or more!

All this is coming from a lady that is not computer savvy (bet you couldn't tell).  I only want to get on with my sewing and I don't want to repair the equipment, I only want to use it! In hind sight I should never have updated, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Lesson learned.

Thanks again for listening and trying to help me.  My days are still blessed.