Loving the M17


I was an early adopter and purchased the M17 the week it became available.  I'd owned the 15000 for 8 years and loved it but have anxiously awaited the new machine for a few years.  I am loving it and I'd like to reply to a few comments on previous threads.

There is no paper manual, although I did get a printed version since my 66-year-old brain works that way and it's helped me to get started.  Janome has provided a super solution that I also use which is an iPad or Android app called AcuAssist.  It is an app that per Janome "explains how to use the sewing machine and provides useful tips.  By connecting the sewing machine to AcuAssist via a router, and all your questions will be answered.   AcuAssist can also be used without a sewing machine. The app acts as a concierge, offering support and inspiring creativity".  It is very usable, provides more functionality than the printed manual and will be updated virtually as the software updates happen."  I see this as the wave of the future.

This machine doesn't fit in my Koala cabinet (purchased for the 7700 and barely fit the 15000) but is now sitting on top of the cabinet with the embroidery bed acting as my extension table.  The beauty of this is when I am ready to embroider, it's a quick snap-in of the hoop.  I'm using the Koala machine lift (that I no longer can use) as a storage for the hoops right below the main desk (if that makes sense) which is super convenient.  The embroidery bed also has some extra storage which I love.  The front one is where I store my different needle plates and, on the back, I store the Stitch Regulator and Embroidery Position Marker.

The best for me is the size of the ASQ (quilting) hoop at 10.6".  I use this a LOT and the larger square accommodates the size blocks I usually piece on quilts.

As for the price, my dealer gave me a discount and I traded in my 15000.  It was more than I was wanting to pay but far less than the MSRP.  With the COVID supply chain issues and inflation already hitting around the world I wasn't surprised.  My son has been trying to purchase a car and my daughter her first home.  I was already seeing what was happening to them with prices on major purchases.  <<Sigh>>   I'm glad I took the plunge.