Diane Joslin

My daughter is going to give me a Chromebook. I know it doesn't have a DVD drive but I have an external drive that I can use. Does anyone know if the Chromebook operating system will be able to run the Horizon Link 15000 and/or Artistic Edge software?

Jim Stutsman

No it won’t use any of the Janome software. Chromebook’s are not laptops or tablets. The Chrome OS is a Google product and everything on it is on the Internet. They are made to be lost cost, so they are popular in schools.

Diane Joslin

Thanks Jim for the quick reply. That’s what I thought but just wanted to double check.

Diane Joslin

I need to buy a new laptop. The one I am looking at has 4GB of memory and 64GB with Windows 11.Can I use Horizon Link 15000 and/or Artistic Edge software with this computer.


Horizon Link works with Win 11 as I was using it yesterday, although can't comment re Artistic Edge because I don't have the s/ware, but as it's fairly recent I would 'guess' it would, so please check or maybe someone else knows for sure. 

With the laptop you mentioned, 4Gb will be fairly slow and 64Gb not a lot of storage, specially if you have a lot of designs in your collection.  Does the laptop have USB?  because then you could get an external HDD or SSD for additional storage, but check prices first because I found it was more beneficial for me to buy a 1Tb MicroSD for storage rather than an external drive, but in saying that, YMMV and that's Ok too.  We all have different ways of doing things.  ;-))