128GB vs 256GB for Embroidery on upgraded 15000

Melanie Dumas

Hello all,
I consider myself a newbie using the embroidery functions on my 15000 and am interested to learn from those with more experience how many GB would I possibly use working with the Janome apps and the average embroidery pieces.
I am considering a new IPad and am not really sure about the GB’s…
Tks for any and all info.

Jim Stutsman

If you are choosing a new iPad just for your embroidery machine, then either size is fine. The Janome software doesn't take much storage, and embroidery designs are generally pretty small. The case for more RAM would be if you plan to have a lot of photos and/or videos on it. Also if you travel, and like to take videos with you, larger is better. 


Sorry, I had planned to reply to your previous message re PC/iPad but got busy sewing and it slipped my mind until your latest post.  How much storage you will need depends on the size of your embroidery library, like a few others in this group I've been collecting designs for over 20 yrs, so I have heaps and have just gone through a similar scenario in recent months, although I chose a different direction.

About 6-8 months ago I bought my first iPad secondhand for $35 so I could run the 15000 apps, it works great but as you mentioned, there have been a few recent apps that are not compatible...that's Ok as I can live without them as I've done in the past.  Of course, YMMV and that's OK too, we all do what suits us best and it's interesting to see how other's run their systems, but using this iPad confirmed why I have remained with PC's and will continue to do so.  

I have just bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (again preloved) but in perfect physical condition, refurbished and now running Win 11 Pro with16Gb RAM and 256Gb SSD 'but' storage is easily expandable and a few days ago added a 1Tb MicroSD card.  Other options could have been a USB, external HDD (of which I have several that I've owned for many years and are embroidery backups) or an external SSD of whatever capacity you want or suits your budget, but a microSD goes right into it's slot which means there is no external hardware if I wish to take the SP anywhere.  The Surface Pro is a fully featured standalone PC with WiFi/BT/etc and in the coming months (as time permits) I plan to install parallels and run the iPad apps on the SP. 

I also like it has a built-in stand where it sits beside the 15000 with a BT speaker playing my favourite music as I sew or watching a video.  A few days ago I even added a new reclining, office chair, so now it is my perfect sewing room setup.....just need to put a bar fridge under the sewing table!! Hahaha!! 

Not sure if any of this helps?  Good luck with your planning, I'm sure the parcel delivery people are pleased I've finished re-doing my sewing room.


On Sun, Oct 23, 2022 at 02:43 AM, SewingRose wrote:
The Surface Pro is a fully featured standalone PC with WiFi/BT/etc and in the coming months (as time permits) I plan to install parallels and run the iPad apps on the SP. 
Be aware that iOS / iPadOS cannot be run in a virtualized environment, so no Windows PC is going to run any iPad app - unlike a MacBook with Apple silicon (aka M1/2 processor). Furthermore Parallels' virtualizer is not available for Windows, similar products are Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Player, or QEMU ... not meant to be schoolmasterish, but just to set expectations. The fridge is definitely the way to go LOL