Message "presser Foot P"

cnystul in Mn.

I have the 11,000 Janome. I keep getting the message Presser Foot P. What does this mean. I have to use the up/down needle to by-pass it. It will let me embroider until I have to stop and start again. Any ideas what's going on? Cathy

Jim Stutsman

This is a classic problem that emerges on the 11000 after it's been in use for a while. There is a sensor that detects how far down the presser foot goes. Over time it starts to stick, which makes it seem like the foot did not go all the way to the plate, and you get the error. Bizarrely it is connected to the knee lift. A technician can fix it by making a slight adjustment to the knee lift mechanism in the top of the machine. You may be able to get the same result by just tapping the knee lever slightly, but this is as annoying as having to do needle up/down, so the technician fix is preferred.