Making adjustments to a Janome made Kenmore

Jeff Turek

Good afternoon group. I have a Kenmore 100Stitch sewing machine made by Janome. I am troubleshooting the machine for a problem I'm having with shedding thread. I have the adjusters manual to check thread clearances, needle to hook clearances, needle bar height, etc., but I'm stymied by the tests all requiring a set of testing gauges to set clearances rather than just using standard feeler gauges as I can with all my Singers. Have any of you discovered a work-around for setting these tolerances?

Thanks for your help!

Jeff in VA

Jim Stutsman

In 24+ years of working on Janome machines, it was very rare to have to set needle bar height, needle to hook clearance or hook timing. The single biggest cause of problems, such as shredding, was burrs on the hook or hook race. Damage to the bobbin case also was a culprit. One item to check that is nearly always overlooked is the state of the white plastic base that the bobbin case sits on. Every stitch has to be pulled between that base and the bobbin case. If either is scratched or burred, shredding can happen. Those are the areas I always look at first.

Jeff Turek


Yes! That may very well be the culprit. When I got the machine it was completely out of phase. The needle was down when the feed dogs were advancing the fabric. There are deep grooves in the white plastic piece from the misadjusted needle depth. I have corrected that and gotten it to actually form a stitch. I’ll turn to that piece next. 

Thank you for the tip!