Serpentine stitch for Janome 7700



I have been struggling to achieve the serpentine stitch to use for quilting on my Janome Horizon 7700. I found a blog post ( that referenced an old post from Online Sewing about exactly what I wanted to do, but the link is broken. It looks like maybe Online Sewing has moved in the 10 years since the blog post was published. 
Does anyone know how to find this old post, or change the serpentine from the top one on the purple fabric to the bottom one? 

Jim Stutsman

This is the second time this week that this question has come up. Just for you I've gone back down into the basement (cobwebs, spiders, and something weird moving over in the corner) to retrieve the original PDF from the archive. I've posted it here, in the files:

Happy serpentining!


Thanks so much for braving the basement! 


Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I’ve needed this for so long! I too came across the broken link mentioned above and finally saw this post in a deep Google dive. :) Many, many thanks for digging in the archives for this one!

candy moleff

I just found this stitch too, I had belonged to the yahoo group, and someone had posted about a hand look quilting stitch, but hat wasn’t what I wanted. So after some digging around, finding this group, I found that one as well! It’s programmed into my machine, and waiting for me to get my sewing area neatened up so I can finish my quilt as you go project. (Any secrets for getting that done?)
Candy M