Updating to Windows 10

cnystul in Mn.

Jim I'm going to update to a new computer and Windows 10. I have two Janomes 12000 and 11000. What do I have to do to get everything switched over...I'm now a good computer guru. I would appreciate all the help you can share. Thank you! Cathy

Jim Stutsman

It all depends on where you are coming from and how you connect to your machines. If you are currently using a USB cable to connect to your machines, Windows 10 will be 64 bit. There is no 64-bit driver for the 11000, so you will need to use USB flash drives to connect to that machine. I've just upgraded Diane's virtual machine to Windows 10, from Windows 7. There were some issues moving Digitizer MBX 5, as the transfer utility didn't work. If you are using Digitizer 5 or 5.5 keep the old computer going until you have successfully moved the license. Hatch is no problem - just log out from the old machine before trying to log into the new one.