My 15000 update

Jim Stutsman

Thanks so much for using our app. Version 1.5.2 is the current and final version. It replaced 1.4.1. All the content is the same in both versions. The difference is the 1.5.2 allows for videos to be downloaded and played offline. This can be helpful for those on a satellite Internet connection, or for loading up for viewing on a plane trip. However for that feature to work the app must be running on iOS 10. The original iPads distributed by Janome cannot update past iOS 9. So the good news is that the app will keep working until your iPad stops, and you have the latest copy of all videos available. You just won't be able to download them.

Wilma Al-uqdah


I have the iPad I bought with my machine 6 years ago. Will my app update automatically?  I notice there is 1.5.2 version, I have 1.4.1(14)-18.

Wilma Al-Uqdah