Jim, Please send an invite to my friend Rhona

Jane Dunne

Jim and Diane, I have been a member for a lot of years however don’t post much lol.
I sold my precious 15000 to my friend Rhona. I still have my 550e and now the lol can’t remember the name cm7 or something like that. The bigger one for quilting etc. I also have two other machines so giving up my dream machine was not difficult when it went to a good friend that will utilize it properly.
I told her about your fabulous 1500 app and how it is a must have however she is having difficulty finding it and I know you could help her with that. Also as a newbie to embroidery, this group is a fantastic group for helping each other find a solution. I myself have found and learned lots. Just the other day I was reading about bobbin cases, things I had forgotten. I had a 500e at one point, sold it and now have the 559e which I love but was having some issues at Christmas where the bobbin thread kept coming up on top. What bobbin case do I have in it, humm I can’t remember but you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to check it out!
i haven’t done much of anything since my husband unexpectedly passed nearly four years ago. Then 6 months later son was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer, had bladder and prostrate removed.
Then a woman t boned us and I have been going to physio ever since! Now I am going to a cardiologist. Oh in between all this I found my second husband and we got married. So not much time for any machine lol.
sorry got slightly off topic about Rhona joining . Her email is tbears10@...
please let me know if this is possible. Thank you so much.