Message to raise presser foot


I can't remember what the cause of getting the message that you need to raise presser foot and needle bar and then turn machine on again.  I'm getting the message on my 15000 and my granddaughter is getting it on her 11000.  I know they need service but wondering what needs to be done.  If anyone else has had this issue and taken their machine for service, I would really appreciate any information you might have on this issue.

Jim Stutsman

That message is kind of like the "Check Engine" light on your car dashboard. It can have many different causes. What it's saying is that something in the power-on self-test has failed. In the 15000 it usually is caused by a sensor that needs adjustment, possibly for presser foot height or needle plate. On the 11000 is is almost always due to the knee lift linkage causing a slight bind on the presser foot sensor. Both are easily corrected by a technician.