STD Foot

Cynthia Dickerson

I started to use my STD foot for the first time.  It is in the Acufed section of our foot box so I assumed it used the HP needle plate which I put on and the HP sewing choices came up on my sewing machine screen.  Now the STD foot is a straight stitch foot and I clicked on the straight stitch on the sewing machine settings and the HP plate is for straight stitch sewing.   I started to sew and immediately broke a needle that poked me in the cheek!  I was obviously not in the right setup.  I am not sure what I did wrong, but I changed out to the regular sewing plate and then used the STD foot.  I did love the foot, but I still am not sure why this did not work. I can't seem to really find if I used the wrong plate.  I checked on Jims foot book and it did not mention which plate to use.  Does anyone know the correct setup for this foot?  Thanks for any help!

Jim Stutsman

The STD foot was created before the HP plate was. It is designed to be used with either the standard plate included with your machine, or the single-hole plate if one came with your machine. When using the HD plate use only the HP straight stitch foot.

Cynthia Dickerson

That must be the reason!!  Thank you Jim, the STD foot did work really great on my quilt.  I absolutely loved it, but will never do that again!