Prepping a new Thumb Drive

Kathy Strabel

Good morning, Janome folks---

I use a thumb drive to transfer designs from the computer to the machine. The thumb drive I have been using for a couple of years is getting a little wonky. That is, it sometimes does not  make good contact with the port in my computer's tower, and the thumb drive's light will blink. Sometimes it stays on consistently, but sometimes I will get a message on screen that says something is amiss. So, I would like to transfer all of my EMBF designs onto a fresh new thumb drive. I have acquired a fresh 2 GB thumb drive--same as the one I currently use. I copied all of my designs from the original thumb drive to the Clipboard.   I should say, that I opened the original thumb drive to the EMBF folder, and copied all of those designs onto the clipboard.  Then I inserted the new thumb drive into the USB port on the computer and sent all the EMBF designs to that new thumb drive. But when I placed the new thumb drive into the sewing machine, it does not show anything. I confirmed that the designs did transfer over to the new thumb drive.  Then, I remembered that maybe I have to do "something" to the new thumb drive so it will show the EMBF files, but I do not remember what that "something" would be.  Formatting?  If that is the answer, I don't remember how that is done.  I would need step-by-step info how to do that.  "Just  format the new thumb drive"  would not be within my wheelhouse.  Anybody?  If formatting is not the answer---what would be the problem?
Thanks for reading, I wish all of you a great holiday packed with fun, family and good cheer!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

Jim Stutsman

Usually the only prep needed is to plug the new drive into the machine BEFORE attempting to put anything on it. That will create the required folders for you. You can also use the "Format" operation in the Settings menu, but it does not do conventional formatting the way a PC does. It will not wipe everything off the drive first, but will only create any missing folders that it wants. In your case you may have pasted the files into the drive before the EmbF folder was created. So the machine did not "see" them. Put the drive back in your computer and you can simply drag the files into EmbF.