Foot control for 9450 qcp and 15000

Suzi Bohannon

I think the foot control for my 9450 qcp is bad, because the one for my 15000 works without giving a warning message and stopping.  Have to turn machine off to sew again.  Also it seens as if it is bucking and not smooth.   I am using foot control for 15000 with no problems.  Does anyone know how to convince the dealers.  Will Janome replace them at no charge?

Jim Stutsman

This problem seems to be fairly common. When we were dealers I replaced a fair number of them, though Janome would not consider them to be covered by warranty. One frequent cause of failure is a break in the wire close to the plug that goes into the machine. Machines that are in a cabinet with a lift and are raised and lowered often put a little extra stress at that point. But there are also foot controls that just quit, as the one on Diane's 15000 did. As you have discovered, foot controls that have the same plug are pretty much interchangeable between the various models.