I never want to leave this group


Im so sorry for lack of participation. You are the best and my favorite group. I cannot keep up Im glad that you do. Thank you so very much Jim and Diane Thank you for all that you do!!!

Donna Strode

Jim Stutsman

No worries Donna. We don’t take attendance, and it’s perfectly fine to sit in the pew at the back. 

Sally Silvers

Thank you from me, too.  I was nearly going to buy a new sewing machine when you solved my problem with an easy fix.  Saved me thousands and made life better!

Anja Tennant

i too sit in the back row,I always read everyone's comments and the reply's they receive and find it all informative but rarely do I
comment, thanks for all the help you and Donna give.
 I have been following Jim and his advise for many years now in its many forms on line. Your knowledge on so many Machine
 and Tech problems in a help to us all.