S3 Tension problem

Mary Mills

Hi, I have a friend who has the S3 machine.  When sewing the zigzag stitch the bobbin stitch shows in the front of fabric, it’s sews well on straight stitch.  On zigzag, tightening bobbin or top tension makes no difference.   I could pull the bobbin thread easily.  Needle changed, threaded properly.  I noticed the bobbin holder has no colour dot on it, would it help to change it?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks and regards Mary

Jim Stutsman

One of the most common causes of this is putting the bobbin in the machine backward. If you don't follow the diagram on the bobbin cover, the thread will pull out of the bobbin tension after a few stitches, so you have no bobbin tension at all. After threading, pulling on the bobbin thread should cause the bobbin to turn counter-clockwise. Generally changing the bobbin tension should be the very last resort, as it is set precisely at the factory. If the bobbin is threaded correctly, there may be something causing drag on the needle thread. The dealer should be consulted.

Mary Mills

Thanks Jim, I checked all that, she had had the machine into the mechanic three times now.  I’ll text your comments to her and hopefully she can get it fixed this time.  Thanks and regards, Mary