Bobbin Winding

Kathy Strabel

Greeting to Janome users----My question is about bobbin winding on my Skyline 7 model.  The bobbin winding process goes fairly well except for one thing:  I do slide the bobbin-winding post to the right, after having loaded the thread as described in a video made by Jim Stutsman's wife. I place the prepped bobbin on the post then push the post to the right. Then I press the "go" button to start the actual winding part. Occasionally, the needle will go up and down once at the beginning of the winding process, but other times, the needle will go up and down the entire time that the bobbin is filling with thread.  I have my machine set up so I only use the push buttons, and not the foot pedal to sew. ( I set it up like that so I can stand up while sewing---makes a big difference in back/shoulder fatigue).     This has been happening since BEFORE I started winding bobbins per the instructions in that video, so I don't think that is the answer. Any idea why the needle insists on going up and down during the winding process?    Thanks....and Happy Sewing!!
Kathy STrabel   Camas WA

Jim Stutsman

When the bobbin winder is engaged the clutch that drives the needle should disengage. Sometimes this doesn't happen, either because the clutch is not adjusted quite right, or because of a need for lubrication. You'll need dealer intervention for this. However, for safety until you can take it in, do this when winding a bobbin. Place a spool next to the needle bar and turn the hand wheel until the needle clamp screw contacts the spool. Then wind the bobbin. This will prevent the needle from moving, and hopefully save you from a stabbing.