RE18 Hoop

Moira Rogow

I own an Elna 920, which is the same as the MC14000. I bought the RE18 hoop package because the hoop was no longer available by itself. My dealer said it is compatible with my Elna 920. In the package however, if you have version 1 you need to download instructions from Janome for the system update. I've tried to get info from both Elna and Janome, but it just seems to fall into a black hole somewhere.  Can I download the instructions for the MC15000 for my Elna 920? Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Jim Stutsman

I think your dealer's interpretation of "compatible" is that the RE18 can be physically attached to your machine. The software in the machine will not recognize it as such, and there is no update that I could find that would allow it to. Attempting to install the 15000 update should not work, and trying to use it could conceivable brick your machine. Your only option is to tell the machine you are using the SQ23 hoop, attach the RE18, and use the editing function to make absolutely certain that the design is centered and is not wider than 140mm (5 1/2") or longer than 180mm (7"). As long as you do that it should work but if you don't have the design centered in what the machine believes to be the SQ23 hoop, you might hit the hoop. That would damage the hoop, and perhaps the machine.

Lyn Quine

Just had a look on the Janome website, try this link, it says that it is compatible.  If it’s like the 15000 the RE18 hoop is on the second page of hoops at the bottom.