Footbook App


Hello,  I would so appreciate any help with my footbook app.  I have all of the apps downloaded on my apple ipad.   
            When i select a foot to learn about the bar underneath the picture is grayed out.  It will not allow me to 
             select  one of three items. #1- I have it, #2 Neither, #3 Wish List.  I press on my selection but nothing happens.
              I realize the star and heart have nothing to do with it.  My girlfriend has the same app and hers is lit up and
              she is able to select the appropriate one.   I am of course trying to put in all of the various feet I own.  I
               hope that you can understand what i am trying to ask.  Thank you for your patience.  Most Sincerely, Jane

Jim Stutsman

What's happening is that the control has been disabled. However the app NEVER disables it. I can't think of any way it could be disabled, other than a failure of a memory bit in the hardware. Try deleting the app entirely (Hold down on the app until it shakes, choose "Delete". Then download it again from the App Store. You won't be charged again. Instead of a price you'll see a cloud with an arrow coming out of it. Tap that to reinstall. Then try it again. If everything works correctly it's probably a sign of a memory failure within the device. That may cause unexpected behavior down the road. If your device is still within warranty you might take it to an Apple Store and ask to have diagnostics run on it. If a failure is detected they should replace it. If it's out of warranty you can still do that, but they won't replace it if a problem is found. It may also be that a memory cell has changed from 1 to 0. This is VERY rare, but can happen from something as nebulous as cosmic rays. In that case downloading again will fix it and life will go on.

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