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I felt I should start a new topic, but since I had answered Ceil J under the magnetic hoop I added those tags as well (Message #28218). This is my update to the tension problem with my machine (note to self: I should never answer a question when distraught & then I don't have to be embarrassed, but my regular dealer had retired recently & I had no way to know if I could get my machine fixed or afford to because of some family issues).
Anyway, I just got my machine back & apparently it was not the same problem as the other ladies that I had mentioned. Her tension wouldn't release so she needed the whole new tension unit, but with mine there was no tension at all. They found out it was a small hard to reach "thing" that just had to be plugged back in. How it got unplugged, who knows, but that is all it was. I tried my precious machine out & she seems to work perfectly, no awful noises & the tension is perfect. I am so thankful! Hope this is just your problem Ceil & not the other. Mine started with no noise at first when the tension would just quit, but then gradually it developed a noise & it kept getting louder.
It seems to be a happy ending.

Ceil J

Thanks for that info! 
I thought my tension issue was due to the thread working its way out of the top tension discs but I'm no longer sure that is the case.  Now I have to admit that I think it's a a digitizing issue.  Who is that awful digitizer you may wonder.  Well, it's me.  I digitized a single stitch design and it seemed to be working well until I realized that the stitches weren't the same size.  I used Hatch (and honestly don't know what I'm doing half the time) and found that there was a box checked that allowed the stitches to vary in size.  I unchecked that and changed the stitch length from their .098 to .122.  This seemed to work nicely at first but then it didn't as I had to make several versions of the pattern to get it to fit in the left over areas of the quilt.  I'm still using the blue dot bobbin case, a purple tipped needle and Bottom Line thread with Robson Anton as the top thread.  I've taken out more stitches from this quilt and I still am not sure why it sometimes works okay and sometimes not.  This isn't an important quilt or else I'd be in tears.  I am learning patience and thought I was done but now found, after carefully checking the back, thatt there are two more sections that need to be replaced. 
At this point I think it must be due to the digitizing.  Otherwise, why would the tension be fine here and there and not so fine other times?  It is the stitches that look so good on top that look the worst underneath.  The last time I just used the old pattern (actually by mistake) and despite the different sized stitches, the tension was fine.  So I'll replace the sections I'm taking out now with this version and call it a day. 
Yes, I test the patterns first and sometimes know that things will not be good but other times it seems fine and then it's not.  I really just want it to be finished at this point and will try to do some experiments afterwards. 

Cat - N

Deb, I am glad your problem wasn't anything terrible to get repaired, and you're back in business.  So sorry the other problem needed an entire tension unit...yikes!  Crazy the things that do go wrong, and how similar symptoms can be even when the issues are not the same.  Thanks for sharing updates on your repairs...gives me something to keep a look out for.

- Cat (FL)