New Top of the Line Janome Machines?


Say Jim, any speculations for what's on the horizon for our Horizons since it's the 100th Anniversary?
I'm not as acquainted with Janome's release dates as I am with Apples ;P


Jim Stutsman

I'm sure it will be announced at Janome Institute, to be held (virtually? somewhere?). Beyond that I have no clue.

Steven C. Haber

I haven't heard any rumors about any new sewing machines, but I'd guess the 100th anniversary is going to be featured.

Janome has decided to have Institute this year, but has delayed it from it's usual month in August to September (8-10) in San Antonio.

I'm hoping to be there with our shop owner this year.


Cheryl Paul

Our Canadian Education Manager has gone to Japan a few times before Janome Institute and seen the reveal - this is usually a couple months before Institute. We usually see her at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference at the very end of May each year - before COVID of course. At that time, I’ve asked her many times - “What’s the latest new stuff to come this year?” She always says she doesn’t know and that she would gladly tell us if she did, BUT she can’t because she would lose her job if she did. The local Janome staff know “nothing” until the big Institute every 2 years, when the launch is made. Liz, says that they find out a few weeks before Institute and only a very few, because they are invited to come to test the machines and sew samples for presentation at the Institute. I’m sure that Janome isn’t much different then any company with their latest inventions as they really don’t want to be "scooped" before the date picked for the reveal.

There would have been a time that I would have been very sceptical about an answer like our Educator gives, but I’m not anymore. We’ll know when we know and I’ve become OK with that. My money will go anyway if the item interest me. As I’m getting older, I’m not quite so eager to get the newest big machine on the market. What I’ve got is the greatest of its time and I’ve become happy with that - not saying I wouldn’t buy the new one when it comes, just that I don’t get so excited about “what will come”.

Cheryl - Saskatoon