Table for the M7



Ok, so I am setting up the sewing room to accomodate my new machines.  I see many people online using those linnmon table tops either on legs or drawer sets.  Are they stronger either to support the weight of the M7 without a lot of vibration?  I currently use the cranking adjustable 47 by 23.5 table for the 12000, this table has some vibration.

I am limited on space so I am thinking quilting suspension frame instead of a large cabinent.

Is anyone out there sewing and quilting at more of a counterheight rather that the traditional table height?



Re the Linmon table top and legs. My opinion after looking at the pictures on the website is that the tabletop itself would probably be fine. I'm 100% certain that the legs would not be sturdy enough to protect the table from a lot of vibration. With the weight of our machines and the movement of them we really need a sturdy base.
When our shop was open for classes our classroom had a variety of sewing tables. The older ones were not sturdy enough to contain the vibration, and our students used to get to class early to get the newer, larger and sturdier tables!
Re the height for sewing, sitting or standing, I personally could never stand up to sew but I know people who do it.
I think it would be fine to stand up for embroidering and some of the tables for the multi-needle machines are high to do that.